President Monique Roy with her son Alex Roy helping out with Lewiston Rotary meal sponsor.  Rotary partners with Trinity Jubilee, a community service organization that addresses unmet needs of underserved people in Maine’s Lewiston-Auburn area, each year with various donations.
On Saturday, January 28th the Lewiston-Auburn Rotary sponsored a meal at Trinity Jubilee in downtown Lewiston.  There was a food give away following the meal.  Participants were given grocery bags to fill with donated food they could take with them.

Through the Sponsor a Meal project, you can choose to sponsor a day, week, or even a month of meals in the soup kitchen. You choose the date you would like to sponsor and you are invited to visit the center and help serve your meal. You will receive a certificate of appreciation and a report on the menu for your day and how many plates were served.

Many donors give sponsorships as Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, and even as wedding gifts or in their mom’s honor on Mother’s Day! Gift recipients receive a letter explaining that a donation has been made in their name. After the meal they receive their certificate of appreciation, menu, and meal count. Donors often choose the recipient’s birthday or anniversary as the date they sponsor.

If you would like to learn more about Trinity Jubilee, please visit their website: